Another crazy week in the making…


Yesterday with my trainer was fantastic…call me crazy, but I LOVE doing the side and back sit-up things. (I have no idea what you call the ones where you lean over the bench face first and then pull yourself upright using your back muscles…) Love them! I am great at them! Even with added weight. We also did other back and side exercises and some leg work.

After that, I worked all day, and then last night my awesome neighbors came over with their small lawnmower trailer and helped me move two pallets of retaining wall rock – one entire pallet’s worth was moved around to the back of the house and the other dispersed through the front yard, all so I don’t have to individually carry it so far. There is definitely a block party dinner at my place coming soon!

I am sore today, no doubt about it. But it is a mild sore – just enough to let me know I actually worked my muscles, but not enough to incapacitate me. I love getting the overall intensity just right like that!

Also yesterday, Moo-dog had her annual vet check-up and had her knee looked at again. We had gone in January because she was favoring it and sometimes holding it up, but in the last week or so it has gotten much worse. Sure enough, the ACL finally tore completely…so this morning she is in for surgery. In addition to that, we had to restock her allergy meds and the poor gal’s ears are infected (again). Thankfully I still have medicine for that. *sigh* The good news is that her blood work came back all in good standing and this is the last dog-knee available for repair in my house-hold so we should be done with the major stuff now.  Heh. I am glad that contrary to how all the above sounds, she is a very healthy, happy dog! (For the record Sadie is doing awesome these days!)

So, the next couple weeks will be busy – rock boarders around all my planting areas, taking care of and trying to immobilize an active Labrador, and keep up with my day-to-day things. Whhheeeee!


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    • Ha! Thanks Holly. I find I still overdo my legs….they seem OK but then in a day or two I can hardly move. But even that is slowly getting better.

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