What a week!

Moo’s surgery went well. Clean teeth (yay! no more doggie breath!), repaired knee (yay! once it’s healed all the running and jumping she could wish for!)…the only hiccup was the edema that happened after she got home. Her poor leg swelled up like a sausage for several days. Thankfully, there was (is) no sign of infection. Just fluids that weren’t draining. Sunday night was the worst. But then just like magic, yesterday most of it went down and today her leg is back to normal (minus the lack of hair from being shaved for surgery and the incision held together with staples).

Work is crazy. This week I am on “vacation” studying for my certification exam which is Friday morning. I am freaking out and will be glad when it is over.

Fitness & weight-loss…the first is going great! The latter is slow. But I do believe the first is more important and I know the weight-loss will come as I get more and more fit. So, I try not to think too much about it since there is enough other stuff to worry about these days! I seem to have stagnated right at 207 lbs…I have about six weeks to lose 8 lbs. I really do want to make my goal of being under 200 before my mom and sister visit. We’ll see.

The other day a blogger I follow posted about “creative outlets” for finding fitness in a day. My yard work is definitely my creative outlet lately! I finished hauling and placing an entire pallet of concrete stones around the beds in the front yard yesterday. That’s 140 stones weighing approximately 8lbs each. I have most of another pallet to go in the backyard along with several tons of river rock that will be shoveled, hauled, and spread over the coming weeks. (Several being somewhere around 10 tons.) I think I did more squats and lunges yesterday in the yard than I have done since I started meeting with my personal trainer!

The photo was taken with my phone so the color is funky…the rocks really are not that purply/pink…I swear! Now I just need to get those shrubs in front of the windows trimmed before they eat my house.

Alright, enough procrastinating. TIme to go review some more banking regulations while I have another cup of coffee.



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  1. Good Luck with the exam!!!!! I know how nervewracking that will be. You are ready of course, but…yep, I think another cup of coffee would be a nice thing too!

    • A belated thank you! The exam went ok…I think. I could have also totally bombed it. I just have no idea. Argh! We don’t get results for about six weeks which sucks, but I am glad it is over with for now.

    • Thanks – I am really pleased with how the yard is shaping up (and me too…only more slowly LOL)! And Moo is mending VERY quickly…now she thinks she’s feeling better and is making me crazy wanting to romp and play.

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