I am a posting slacker. I have been seriously neglecting my blogging…however, life sometimes has to take priority. And life is good these days. Busy, but good!

PT: Monday we started a new warm-up “routine” for my training sessions…running up two flights of stairs as fast as I can while hitting every stair. I do it three times while my trainer times me. Monday was the first day – my times were 16.1 seconds, 16.9 seconds, and 15 seconds. I have a hard time because the stairs are relatively shallow and short and I have long legs and big feet. I think for a first round, though, I am happy with my 15 second time! (We are taking the best of the three times.)

Also, I am noticing that heavier weights are getting easier for me to use. That’s kind of fun. I’ve never really done weights or specific strength training before. I am really liking it.

Moo: now that the edema is gone she is healing up like a banshee! She got her staples out Monday and though there is a little scar, you can already barely tell where the incision is (was?). And she is definitely feeling better – she really wants to be running and playing but that is a no-go for at least five more weeks. It is going to be a LONG month.

Life: Just a few more weeks until my mom and sister are here to visit. Aside from my house being a wreck, I can’t wait!! I miss them both tons and am very ready for a week off with no obligations other than to play and relax.

Work: on Monday (yeah, Monday was a busy day!) I had an interview for a new position on my team. We are expanding the team and as a result there will now be three managers that report to my current manager and each of those positions will then have five consultants reporting to them. (Currently we have 11 consultants that report to our manager.) The new managers will be announced next week (probably Friday)…wish me luck!


This weekend I plan to finish getting the backyard beds edged to I can order more river rock…I am debating ordering a single, large load of rock for the rest of the beds or a couple smaller loads. I have time to decide still, but I think I am leaning toward one large load and then, if needed, a follow-up smaller load to finish off if my calculations are short. We’ll see.



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  1. Good luck on the new management opportunity! You definitely deserve it. Would that mean less travel? Hope you have a terrific time with your Mom and Amy. Would love to see you all. xoxox

    • Thanks Carla! Yes, eventually it would be MUCH less travel. Initially it would be about the same while we get the new consultants trained, but then it would reduce to just one or two reviews a month (so essentially one, maybe two weeks a month…and still not full weeks). We’ll see! I specifically applied for the manager/team that will specialize in our joint venture companies which is what I do as a subject matter expert for our team currently. I have a pretty good chance I think…I will keep you posted!

    • The exam results take about six weeks – they are very old-school and mail out the results via snail mail! So around the end of May I should know.

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