Yesterday’s training session was a struggle! I just wasn’t feeling it, though apparently I am feeling it today. Ow. My back and sides are sore. I think from a combination of all the back and side work we did and then yard work both yesterday evening and this morning. I can happily report that all of my shorts are getting too big. So that’s a big plus and keeps me motivated to continue torturing myself this way.

I got the rest of this batch of edging stone placed this morning…approximately 2/3 of the pallet was left. I figure this morning was the equivalent to another training session – it took about an hour and a half and was almost constant picking up and hauling stones around the house, then a few squats to place the stones then back to the pile for more. It looks fantastic and it worked out to be exactly the right number of stones to finish the two planting beds around the house. Unfortunately, I am going to need another pallet of this color to finish the rest of the beds in the yard. Before all that, though, the truly dreadful part…I need to order more river rock for the finished beds…and then, I need to haul and spread said rock. Talk about ow. But it is all looking so good, it will be very much worth the effort!

Nothing much new to report. Need to do some grocery shopping sometime today – tonight I am making fish tacos for dinner. I will post my recipe later. They are incredibly simple, quick to make, and tasty!


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