The weight-loss part of my journey seems to have come to an utter stand-still. While I am definitely getting more fit and I feel fantastic, my pant size is not dropping much, if at all. My weight hasn’t changed in weeks (outside of normal daily fluctuations) and that is frustrating. As much as I am trying not to focus on the number it does still need to come way down. The good news is that though my waist size hasn’t gone down, my legs and arms are getting thinner! My jeans are getting loose in the legs again which makes me very happy.

Other happy news – I got a promotion! Though, I don’t really like to call it that since I had to apply and interview for the job. So, I got a new job! I will be a team manager and will continue reporting to my current manager. Our group is growing and will be divided up into three teams – my co-workers who got the other two manager spots are very, very deserving of them and I am excited to get to work with them in our new leadership roles. The toughest part of this new role will be that my team will be nationally located, whereas the other two teams are regional East and West teams. I haven’t worked out details yet, but I think it will mean adjusting my “office hours” to slightly later in the day – 9 to 6 or maybe even 9:30 to 6:30 to make myself more available to all time zones…at least while we are hiring and training.

The best part of the new job is less travel (eventually). I will only be required to travel approx one week a month, sometimes two. That is all after we are done with training new folks – during that time I will probably travel more, but in a different capacity so that makes it easier. I will get to continue to work from home which is another big plus. Eventually I might get to a point where I can start doing some volunteer work that I’ve been missing out on, or at least get to attend weeknight events that right now I cannot.

The “bad” work news I got today was that I did not pass my certification exam. Back to the books for me. At least now I know what to expect and where to focus my studies. And again, with my new job I will have a better schedule to work in the study group calls that are on Tuesdays and Thursdays (those were my travel days and I missed out on a lot of the meetings this past time around). I am still very bummed though – I really expected that I would pass this thing. C’est la vie.

Mom and Sister are coming to visit the week after next. I can’t wait! I miss them both tons and am excited to have a “girls” week of hanging out and drinking beer and wine and catching up on the randomness that is part of being family.

I am still seeing my trainer…and I still love working with her! Less travel is going to make it easier to get into a better routine of hitting the gym on my own and it will also help facilitate eating better. The timing is perfect and will hopefully help me break out of this stagnation I’ve hit…we’ll see.

I still owe y’all the fish taco recipe too. I will post that this weekend. I promise! For May I have promised myself that I will be more careful about what I eat (and how much)…fish tacos are always a win for that!


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  1. congrats on the promotion!! Eat a little less, and exercise a little more…..thats the only way, no shortcuts…

    • Thanks! Yeah – the food thing is tough. I actually need to eat a little more…or rather get better about spreading it out throughout the day. I have a very, very bad habit of skipping breakfast and lunch and then eating dinner. I’m working on it though and getting better. Thankfully, I do eat “good”, healthy foods, so I don’t have to worry much about what I intake…just when and how much.

      • Well for example today I weighed in 2 lbs heavier than I wanted to, and tonight I am having 3 eggs for dinner….I also skip breakfast a lot, but heavy dinners ALWAYS make me gain weight. Good luck…

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