This mad race we call life…


Life has been a mad dash since I last posted…work travel, my mom and sister came to visit last week, more work travel, my new job took effect, preparing to do some marathon interviewing for work…in the midst of it all, I must confess I have let my work-outs slide. And I ate a LOT while my family was visiting…and we drank even more. Heh.

It seems I am still moving in the right direction with weight and size, so that makes me happy. And I have a new “deadline” goal to lose some more size…August 6. I head home for a week to visit family and friends and to see my dad get married. I’d love to be in better shape before then. Call me vain, but it will be the week just following my 20 year reunion (which I am missing due to travel costs and I don’t have enough time to take from work), but I know many of those folks will still be around since most still live in the area.

Next Tuesday morning I start back up with my trainer…we will be doing measurements and a weigh-in and then it is back on track!


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  1. You have had some big adjustments, with your new work role and family and all. I think you are still doing great!! It’s much easier to get back into things once you were into them recently. Yaaaay You!

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