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21 Day Fix: Round 1 (-3.9 pounds, -7 inches)


The program suggests writing down your reasons for wanting to make a lifestyle/health/fitness change. My reason, aside from my overall health (which to date doesn’t seem to be much of a motivator, just something that bounces around in my head), are my nieces and nephew. I need the energy and fitness to keep up with them. I need my health so I am around to witness all their amazing life milestones. And I want to be another good example for them (I’m really the only unfit, overweight person in our family).

Back in August I picked up the 21 Day Fix program after hearing great things about it from several friends I trust. I dove right into the eating plan (portion control and “real” foods are the primary focus), but I never really got going with the workouts. Then a friend put together a “challenge” group on Facebook. It’s all about support, encouragement, and the real biggy….accountability. I did it! Successfully even. So here are my thoughts and lessons learned.

First, the program as a whole:

The premise is that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit (better fitness/better eating). I love it. The eating plan isn’t a “diet”. It focuses solely on portion control and types of foods and also helps show you how to spread it out over the course of a day. The idea being that these foods and this plan isn’t something to wean off of or change at the end of the program…it is a lifestyle change to stick with forever. For me, the types of food were easy. I already eat heal full real foods. It was the balance and portion control I needed to work on (less cheese and spread it out through the day,not all at dinner time).

The workouts are tough, but scalable. 30 minutes, every day (seven days per week). Me being a 110% couch potato could muddle my way through each one, adjusting and modifying as I needed to to accommodate my ability level and some old injuries I need to take care around. And as I got (and continue to get) stronger, I can increase the intensity. Hand weights or resistance bands are the only required equipment. Even I can find 30 minutes in a day, and I’m the Queen of Excuses!

My Round One Results:

Back in August I weighed in at 215.4 lbs and just following the eating plan (which, by the way was MORE food than I had been eating) I lost five pounds. I’d also like to note that while that weight makes me sick to look at, it isn’t the heaviest I’ve been, but seems to be about where I’ve stabilized at for many years now.

The official results for the full 21 day challenge program (starting Aug 31): -3.9 pounds and -7 inches!!!

210.4 to 206.5 lbs, -2 inches in my chest, -4 inches in my waist!!, -1 inch across my hips, and -0.5 inches from my thighs. No measurable change in my arms, but I can SEE and feel the muscles building there.

Lessons Learned:

  • I am stronger than I think I am. Both physically and mentally.
  • I am grateful for my genes and my inherited flexibility…even though I’ve got more to go, I started from a lucky place.
  • I really do need to be careful of a couple old injuries (wrist and ankle), and it is OK if I can’t do all the moves (full planks and push-ups, or moves based from that position, probably won’t ever work for me)…it is OK to find other moves that work!
  • I love rowing – I will be forever grateful to the trainer I went to many years ago who introduced me to rowing.
  • I am worth the effort!
  • I miss cheese and beer…after more progress is made, these will be worked back in in greater quantities! Life is too short to completely give up indulgences you love…within reason.

I feel amazing!!! I still have a long way to go…50 pounds (give or take – I’m not set on an actual “goal” number, but set one as a general target to give me something specific to aim for). I owe a lot of my success to the fabulous women in the challenge group. No judgment. We all had our struggles. And we are all successes.

The next challenge group starts Oct 5th and you can bet I’ll be participating! It’s time to step it up a notch. I’ll be adding 30min of rowing three days a week and three days will include the 10min Abs workout that comes with the 21DF program. I will be working these changes in between now and the 5th…no losing momentum and undoing progress now! I’ll be checking back in toward the end of October with (hopefully) more good results.


Another day…



Whew. Less than ten pounds left before I am rid of that nasty “two” at the front of that number. I am pretty stoked!

The garden is growing full speed ahead. I’ve already eaten several home-grown squash and will have my first cucumber tonight! The tomatoes have a billion green ones on them, but I think they also have blight which seems to be killing the new buds/flowers on one of the plants. I am going to go to the garden center tonight and look for some calcium rich something or other to put around them to see if it helps. Also, I’m removing all the affected parts and throwing them away so I don’t spread it. I will be super bummed if it affects the tomato fruit and rots them too (it sometimes causes blossom end rot).

Work is also going full speed ahead. We have made a few offers to folks to fill our open positions and hope to have everyone hired and on-board starting the second week in July. Between now and then is a ton of work to do. The best part, though, is no travel until at least mid-July! Almost four weeks straight at home…I won’t know what to do with myself.

Actually, I do know what to do with myself. I will get myself on a regular weekly gym schedule! I still see my trainer once a week, I even rescheduled this week to meet with her today because I was out-of-town Monday and Tuesday. (Yes, I am very proud of myself!) I plan to do more strength stuff at home and then will make a point of getting to the gym at least three days per week for cardio workouts. I am determined to defeat the elliptical…my nemesis. I am also very fond of the rowing machine and the recumbent bike.

Other than that, nothing new to report. Life is busy. Animals are all healthy (OP has fur balls, but it is that time of year). And I think I am going to pick up some Copper River salmon for dinner tonight. Things are alright.

A New Beginning


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 208.8

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Alright. It is well past time to get this show back on the road.

The weight is an average of weighing myself six days over the past week. It is incredible to me that even with weighing myself at approximately the same time every day (first thing in the morning) my weight still fluctuated between 212 to 206 throughout the week. And as much as I tried to make heads or tails of the why’s for the fluctuation, I couldn’t come up with anything. Food remained pretty much the same, it isn’t “that time of the month”, I have been a lazy slug consistently. So, who knows.

Food: I haven’t been the best with it. But I also haven’t been my worst with it, either. We are coming to a mutual compromise. I also think some of the weight has been because I have tried very hard to eat at least a good lunch, and when possible, breakfast while I am on the road for work. Overall it is more food than my body is used to, but once my metabolism gets going again it should all even out and be OK.

And so we begin again…”workout” to be posted later.

Measurements to be posted around the first of the month.

My Birthday Resolution


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 208

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

*whew* Thank goodness for small (or maybe huge) favors! It appears that over the past few months of healing, I have not really gained back any of the weight I lost. Yeehaw! And that happened without paying attention to what I was eating which usually means it wasn’t all that good for me.

This is a huge motivator to keep on keepin’ on with this journey. It means that what I was doing was working, even if it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be. I still plan to complete a half-marathon, but I am going to wait before committing to one until after I have gotten back into things and can set a realistic, safe date. I don’t want a repeat of the injury from pushing too hard. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I won’t push myself, I just want to be sure not to add too much too soon.

I haven’t taken any measurements yet…tomorrow is my official start back day so I will take them then. I am pleased with the timing:  Today is my birthday and my personal resolution for my 37th year is to get fit.

Stats: Weekly Weigh-in


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 206

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

At the beginning of last week I was weighing in at 207, by the end of the week 205. Weekly average was 206. I am not doing any measurements since I am not doing any sort of exercise.

I have a confession to make: I don’t have to wait the two weeks to start back doing any sort of arms or core exercises…but I hate them, so I have ignored them. I guess this week I will try to get some of that in two or three days. We’ll see how that goes.

I am glad to see that just because I am not running doesn’t mean I’ve put back on a bunch of pounds. I’ve tried to watch what I eat, both in content and quantity. Seems e paid off some. YAY!

Stats & Mizuno vs Saucony


STATS (Yesterday was Stats Day – I forgot to do them.)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight:  208


  • Bust:    45″ (even)
  • Waist:  43.5″ (+1.5″   Ugh.)
  • Hips:    47″ (even)
  • Thigh:  25.5″ (-.5″)
  • Tricep: 15″ (even)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well the leg size is dropping a bit which is exactly as expected as my legs get stronger and fitter with all the running. The waist got bigger – I blame the holiday. Too much food and wine and beer. Especially the beer. Which is really too bad since I looooooove me some beer. I am not too surprised that the torso sizes aren’t dropping. Well, OK, a little surprised what with the running and all, but I have not been doing any core-specific or arm exercises.

Beginning December 1, I am starting an actual diet to go with my running. Nothing dramatic, just keeping a very close eye on what I eat. Lately I’ve been eating whatever is convenient and close-by, which has translated into a lot of fatty, high-calorie food with not a ton of nutritional value. I am also going to begin some planned core training…just basic stuff: crunches, push-ups, and some arm exercises. Something to help jump-start some more fat loss.


Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend took me to Try Sports in Charlotte to get re-fitted for shoes. Thank you to my friend Kathy for the recommendation – the young man who helped us (well, me) was very nice, knowledgeable about the shoes they carried and showed me other items they have to help with shin pain, but started me off with some exercises and “home remedies” to try first. He said to help build and strengthen the muscles in my lower legs (including the shins) that I should do some warming-up by walking on my toes for a distance and then walking on my heels. Heh. We used to do that way back when I played soccer…no wonder I didn’t remember on my own. That was a long time ago! He also suggested freezing some water in Dixie cups to use as massage tools to rub down the sore shin muscles after running.

While trying on shoes, I discovered that the arch in Saucony shoes is too far back for my foot. Why didn’t I notice before? Because I really didn’t know what to pay attention to when I was first fitted for shoes. Also, I don’t need as much support for over pronation as I was originally told. I think some of that could be that I am getting in better shape and some of it was that I may not have been properly fitted the first time around. I ended up with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. These shoes are a sort of mid-way point between the Saucony Omnis that I have and a neutral shoe (or so I’m told).

I did my first run in them today and love them! I had no shin pain at all, though I am definitely feeling some different muscles in my legs after wearing them. I made it 2.5 miles with a short three-minute walk break at the 20 minute mark. WOOHOO! A little ice on a newly used muscle after the run, but other than that, my legs feel good.

Going forward, my plan is to use these shoes for my running training and I will use the Sauconys for my dog hikes and such. This week I will work on getting back to being able to run the 2.5 miles non-stop and then it is time to move on to a full 5k. After that, I need to start seriously looking for a good half marathon program. I am quickly running out of time.

Stats & Nutrition


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Weight: 211

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

While I am very disappointed in myself, I am not at all surprised by the number. When you sit like a lump most of a week and eat crap for food (like Burger King!) you gain weight.

I ate fast food for the first time in I don’t know how long. I was trying to remember when I last had it earlier today and I can’t. It should have stayed that way. Instead, I had a Whopper with cheese and a thing of fries. I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it immensely. I have also eaten an entire package of Pecan Sandies this week, chips and dip, cheese, cream sauces, and I could keep going.

My goal beginning tomorrow (because I have potato chips and dip that will be served tonight to company and I know I won’t avoid them) is to make a very concerted effort to watch what I eat (and I don’t mean just watching the fork move from my plate to my mouth). I’ll also be changing up the work-out routine, but I’ll talk about that in a separate post.

So, I am still fat. But I can honestly say I am getting fitter.