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“Doctor, doctor, give me the news…”


At the insistence of Neil (and my own gut-feeling), I’ve scheduled an appointment at the OrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute with Dr. James Sebold.

Things just aren’t getting better in my ankle. It is waking me up at night when I move in my sleep because it hurts. Depending on the position, I can’t put any weight on it at all (other positions it feels just fine). Unfortunately, I think to truly heal the problem I need to stay off my foot. Since that isn’t going to happen, I guess I better get some professional advice and help with it.

The other annoying thing is that my right leg is getting sore from taking all the weight off the other one.


More thoughts: I’ve been thinking about this all day today and wanted to add some thoughts. First, I am completely and utterly frustrated. However, I need to remember that this is a journey and I am still just at the beginning of it. There will be bumps and detours and outright roadblocks…but I can get through and around all of them in time (sorry about the persistence of metaphors there). Patience is not my virtue. Now that I’ve made my mind up on making these changes in my life, I want to see their results now! But it simply doesn’t work that way – sometimes it is easy to forget that (at least it is easy for me to forget that).

Also, could health insurance be any more complicated? Well, don’t really ask me to answer that because yes, I believe it will be even more so in the near future if some things aren’t changed…but I digress from the general topics of this blog. I spent hours this morning trying to figure out whether the doctors at this facility are part of the “in network” coverage on my insurance. I couldn’t find them or the facility anywhere in the directory when accessing it from an internal company website, but when I went directly through my provider website there they were. So I’ve crossed my fingers┬áthat they are. And I am still not sure, even if they are part of the “in” network, whether my HRA covers the out-of-pocket expenses associated with this type of visit. I guess we’ll see!

Lastly, I am surprised at myself. I am missing running. I never, ever thought I would utter those words. This whole thing started out as a way to get healthy. Just a means to an end – I never in a million years thought I would actually grow to enjoy it as much as I do.