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I grabbed my foot!!!


For the first time ever I was able to grab my foot with both hands while doing standing quad stretches. Pull your foot up towards your butt to stretch out the quad – typically grabbing it with the hand on the same side. Once your foot is up near your tush try reaching behind you and grabbing it with your other hand as well. And I was able to do it on both sides without any problems!

Until today I couldn’t even touch my foot with my other hand let alone grab ahold of it. I am pretty excited. I also did fairly awesome planks (on my elbows and toes) for 30 seconds at a time.

I also totally rocked the rowing machine. It was a good morning and I know I am going to feel it tomorrow.




So yesterday I never got off my butt to do C25K day one. Bad Anne.

Today I met with my trainer and did more “stuff” – today we worked a bit with the universal machine doing back work, then we went into the gym and did lunges and squats with and without weights down the basketball court line. Then did criss-crosses down the length of the b-ball court, jogged backwards, did some work on the shin and ankle muscles with bands, and then threw the medicine ball around. First straight forward then from each side – each time trying to throw it farther. I did awesome with that. Go me! We ended the work-out with warrior poses moving into half-moons on each side.

We finished up with stretching and specific homework – the band exercises to strengthen ankles and shins and legs in general and specific stretches for my hip flexors (I am having issues with my right one being very tight and sort of weak at the same time) and my ankles and shins. For those that know yoga, the main stretch is the hero pose (I am 98.8% sure that is what she called it) to work my hips and ankles. Right now I can’t even come close to being able to do it, but it will be fun working toward it.

Eating has been not so great, but now schedules are getting back to normal I think food will too. Tomorrow I really am going to start C25K…

So the weirdness – my right hip flexor. During my lunges today whenever I stepped forward with my right foot my entire upper body would dip over to the left and my knee kept wanting to turn in. I couldn’t keep my posture centered to save my life. Nothing hurt, but my upper leg has felt tight. That is also the leg that burns (significantly) very high up on the top of my thigh when doing the elliptical and stair machines. Stretching and strengthening are the prescription I’ve been given. We’ll see how it all goes.

Regularly Scheduled Program…


This week begins an almost regular work-out schedule for me. Hopefully between this week and next I will get something hammered out that will translate OK into my travel schedule when I head back to work.

The Plan:

Sunday = Rest

Monday = C25K/Cardio & SueAnn

Tuesday = Strength

Wednesday = C25K/Cardio

Thursday = Strength

Friday = C25K/Cardio & SueAnn

Saturday = Strength

My Wednesdays will probably be some sort of gym cardio (bike, treadmill, etc.) since I will usually be on the road in a hotel. And Mondays and Fridays will eventually be combined cardio/strength days since those are my days with the trainer. I love that almost everything she is teaching me to do I can do from home…as things progress I am not sure if I will use the gym more, or less. There are definitely some machines there that are nice to use. And the heavier free weights are nice, though I could also probably find a weight bench/set for a decent price on Craig’s List or some such place, so we’ll see. For now, though, twice a week with SueAnn is turning out to be perfect as it forces me into the gym for those things I can’t do at home on my own.

I’ve also started using a website (myfitnesspal.com) as a food journal and to track workouts…though I really like Daily Mile better for the community, the functionality of this new site suits me better for now My username there is “acpuma” – an old handle that I used much in my youth and ocassionally still use when “amcoop” is already taken. My Fitness Pal has an excellent database of foods and fabulous iPhone and iPad apps that integrate seamlessly from what I can tell. You can also add your own foods, meals, and/or recipes to the database very easily if you can’t find what you are looking for. And using common/repeat entries is super easy (which is good for me because I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every day). It also has great templates for tracking various work-outs and has a nice, customizable template for tracking weight and measurements.

Today I discovered that I can do half-moon stances repeatedly (normally it is a pose that is held…but is great repeated for strength building). I can also do a move that is from standing position, head/torso bent toward knees and then one leg raised straight back until parallel to the floor, hold, then come upright while bringing leg back down. Switch legs. Repeat. I can do inverted incline tricep presses. Concentrated curls. Some kind of arm-lift-press-squats thing (seriously – holding hand weights start with weights behind head, elbows close to ears, bring arms up all the way extended overhead, then down the middle with arms held straight while going into a squat, then come back up and return weight to behind head – all the while keeping arms/elbows close to body and not locking joints).  But what I cannot do, to save my life, is a sit-up. Or a crunch, really, though they are easier to at least do part way. My abs are SO out of shape that I cannot pull myself to a sitting position without some help (either feet tucked under something or when going side to side, using my other arm to help push me up!). So sad. However, this will also be an area easy to see improvement in as I get stronger, so I guess it isn’t all bad.

I also discovered that while I HATE the elliptical machines, I love the stair machine…it is a HUGE thing that actually has steps that revolve on a belt and you can adjust speed and resistance. Really it is the closest thing to running stairs without actually being on a staircase. Apparently most everyone hates that machine at my gym, but I find it easier to manage myself on it. On the elliptical I can’t figure out how to keep my legs from turning to jello in the first few minutes…maybe I will go back to it after I have built a little more muscle tone in my legs.

I’ve decided to redo the C25K program starting tomorrow. I figure I will start with week 1 and see how I do with it and then either do it again in full next week or jump into week 2. My goal is to run a 5k around my birthday (end of Feb/beginning of March).

Today and tomorrow will consist of me doing some serious deep cleaning around the house. I have to get my tree taken down and out (I have become VERY sneezy and snotty in my house and that is the only thing that is different) and I need to get the exercise room clean – right now it is full of cat hair and dust. It’s been a while since I’ve been up there for anything other than to feed the cats. Heh.

Right now, though, I might join the dogs in a nap…after all, I am on vacation this week!




Work Out!


As requested (and promised) – the work-out post!

It wasn’t much of a work-out, but I did do core stuff. That is huge for me because I hate core work. Blech.

I did five girly-push-ups from my knees (the last one might not actually count…it was a struggle), 25 crunches on each side and straight up the middle, a bunch of leg-lifts and other arm exercises (I think about 20 of each covering all the various muscle groups) with no added weight. I also walked across the room and back on my heels and then again up on my toes (x 2 reps).

It doesn’t seem like much, but I hurt from it all. This morning, aside from way too much coffee, I had three eggs (scrambled) with half a red bell pepper and a spoonful of salsa on top. I also took my fish oil and vitamin D packet. Go me!

This weekend I plan to finally get over to the local Y to check it out and (maybe) join. I also need to get over to the Whitewater center and activate the pass my dad got for me. The weather is finally warm enough to start thinking about getting in the water!