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Wow. I half expected to see cobwebs hanging off the page and all when I logged into this site today. Needless to say, it’s been a while.

My life exploded.

Nope. That isn’t right. It deflated. Everything that has happened has been a long time coming, but I really wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did (my relationship, that is). Or as suddenly as it did. It was sort of like a bouquet of cut flowers – they are dying from the get-go, but you don’t really notice they are wilting at first. And you can always sort of pick out the early faders to keep the vase looking good. But then one day, you go to add some water to it and wham. All the flowers are dead, petals everywhere and that’s it. It’s done.

Immediately following the sudden deflation of my personal life, I acquired three tiny kittens. They were around three weeks old – eyes open, ears just opening, definitely nowhere near being weaned. My neighbor found them at a job site and they couldn’t be left where they were due to construction. No sign of momma cat and he knew a shelter would have put them down. So, sucker that I am, I said, “Bring them here.” (It didn’t help that he sent me a picture of them – all three solid white fuzzballs).

Rooty (named so because he loved to root around), Patch (named because we thought he might lose an eye; thankfully, he won’t), and The Princess (she just is). Initially we had all sorts of issues. Fleas,eye infections/ulcers, dehydration, and  terrible constipation. The constipation was so extreme that I had to be taught by my vet how to give them kitty enemas at home (don’t ask – thank the skies it is over). Now everyone is healthy with the exception that both Patch and TP are going to need reconstructive eye surgery. They both have eyelid agenesis (coloboma). Essentially they are missing part of their eyelids. If they do not have the surgery they will go blind even with eye drops administered every few hours ever day of their lives. So, for now they get drops every 2-3 hours and three times a day also antibiotic ointment to stave off infections from the irritation from dryness and their fur rubbing against their eyes. In the spring we’ll do the surgery. Now if I can just get TP to wean.

Then there is Moo. The same weekend the kittens showed up, she decided to grab the brand new bottle of her allergy medicine off the kitchen counter and eat it. A 30 day supply. She almost died. Phone calls to the ASPCA animal poison control hotline, a trip to the emergency vet, and a very scary couple days. She is fine now and I am much more careful about putting everything away.

There’s my list of excuses. I have been mentally shutting down the past several months, but this past month in particular has been close to full-on hibernation. I’m working on it. Picking myself back up. Getting into a new routine. Don’t even get me started on my lack of eating and the poor nutrition of the crap I do eat. Maybe tonight I will be able to make myself cook something. Maybe in another few weeks I will even have the energy to think about exercising again. At least the thoughts are there…the actions will follow.




What a week!

Moo’s surgery went well. Clean teeth (yay! no more doggie breath!), repaired knee (yay! once it’s healed all the running and jumping she could wish for!)…the only hiccup was the edema that happened after she got home. Her poor leg swelled up like a sausage for several days. Thankfully, there was (is) no sign of infection. Just fluids that weren’t draining. Sunday night was the worst. But then just like magic, yesterday most of it went down and today her leg is back to normal (minus the lack of hair from being shaved for surgery and the incision held together with staples).

Work is crazy. This week I am on “vacation” studying for my certification exam which is Friday morning. I am freaking out and will be glad when it is over.

Fitness & weight-loss…the first is going great! The latter is slow. But I do believe the first is more important and I know the weight-loss will come as I get more and more fit. So, I try not to think too much about it since there is enough other stuff to worry about these days! I seem to have stagnated right at 207 lbs…I have about six weeks to lose 8 lbs. I really do want to make my goal of being under 200 before my mom and sister visit. We’ll see.

The other day a blogger I follow posted about “creative outlets” for finding fitness in a day. My yard work is definitely my creative outlet lately! I finished hauling and placing an entire pallet of concrete stones around the beds in the front yard yesterday. That’s 140 stones weighing approximately 8lbs each. I have most of another pallet to go in the backyard along with several tons of river rock that will be shoveled, hauled, and spread over the coming weeks. (Several being somewhere around 10 tons.) I think I did more squats and lunges yesterday in the yard than I have done since I started meeting with my personal trainer!

The photo was taken with my phone so the color is funky…the rocks really are not that purply/pink…I swear! Now I just need to get those shrubs in front of the windows trimmed before they eat my house.

Alright, enough procrastinating. TIme to go review some more banking regulations while I have another cup of coffee.


“Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’….


keep those doggies runnin’….rawhide!”

OK, so that isn’t quite how the lyrics go, but that’s what has been running through my head lately. (Get it? Running through my…oh nevermind. I’m such a dork sometimes.)

  • Monday was tough…I came back from a week without running and eating garbage for food and my legs told me all about it. Even with their talking, though, I finished the workout. 
  • Wednesday was awesome! Seriously, I think I could have taken on the 1/2 marathon on Wednesday, it was that good. It was my best pace yet.
  • Today was also awesome! Though the legs were a little more whiny about being pushed again. Aside from that, I felt great. And I maintained the great pace that I set on Wednesday. My breathing is getting noticeably better, too.

I’ve eaten better this week…not that it is a surprise to anyone, but isn’t it amazing how all that works together? Better nutrition equals better running. In fact, having a set schedule again has also kept me taking my vitamins regularly (which I need…I am very vitamin B anemic). As a result, I am feeling a billion times better overall. In addition to B6, I take salmon oil capsules, one of which also has some vitamin D in it. I drink milk every day and I am drinking more water in a day than I think I ever have.(This is the part where I don’t mention the pizza and beer we had last night.)

The other amazing thing? My skin is looking better than ever. (Yeah, I’m still a girly-girl, even if I don’t show it often.) But really! Fewer break-outs; it isn’t as dry and flaky as it was; it doesn’t feel like it is going to crack wide open every time I smile.

Right now my only guilt with the running is that I am not quite ready to take it outside and thus Moo is not getting any benefit from it. Youshould hear the pitiful, bored sighs she makes while she is laying on the floor next to the treadmill while I run. And don’t get me started on the sad, sad puppy-dog eyes she gives me while she is making the sighs. (My dog spoiled? No!) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving when I will (hopefully) be ready to start taking things to the streets and she can come along with me. My hope is that it will help build our bond and improve the consistency of her listening to me (and actually doing what I’ve asked). Heh. A girl can dream, right?