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A flawed plan…


I wasn’t thinking about my travel during the week when I was planning my daily weight averaging. So, the average will be of the days I am at home in the morning and am able to weigh in. It should still give me a pretty accurate number.

I did get some good-ish news at my follow-up doctor appointment this morning. My leg is healing and there is no doubt at all that there is a major stress-fracture in my tibia. Thankfully it is healing right up. I have two more weeks of wearing the boot and then can start “weaning” off of it (e.g. wear it just when I will be walking a lot or on my feet for a long period of time).  Also in two weeks I can start no-impact exercising (stationary bike, swimming, etc.). In six weeks I can start walking again. And then in ten weeks I can ease back into running.

The really good news is that the doctor told me there are rarely any residual problems resulting from having had a stress-fracture, so once it heals completely, it is healed. Whew!

So…I am still debating the gym membership vs. buying a stationary bike to have here at the house. I am leaning heavily toward buying a bike…we’ll see.