C25K – Week 7: A day late, but definitely no shortages (dollars or otherwise)!


I had a mini-mental breakdown yesterday…after a horrible week traveling for work and then coming home to a house that needed cleaning and a boyfriend who scheduled dinner out with friends the day I was due to return and thus I had to eat on my own yet again this week, my brain (and body) revolted. I drank beer, ate Halloween candy and leftover pizza, and turned into a lump on the couch instead of starting C25K wk7. I already know that running in the evening is generally a no-go for me, but last night was impressively so.

Things always end up working out in the end, though. My struggles during today’s run were with a slight amount of boredom and tired legs. True Blood reruns just weren’t doing it for me today – I think I need to watch some action movies like the Resident Evil series. My warm-up and cool-down were the standard five-minutes each at 3.3mph. I don’t seem able to walk any faster than that on the treadmill. Not because my legs won’t go any faster, but I start tripping over my feet and such. *shrug* Anyhoo, the run was 24 minutes at 4.4mph and the last minute at 4.6mph!

I have been fighting off something trying to settle into my chest all week – it feels tight and occasionally I have a bad cough. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to hinder my run at all today (no coughing!) – my breathing has been really good the past couple weeks. I am just working on getting my legs back into shape to go farther, faster. Today I had upped the mph by a tenth and I plan to do the same for Sunday and if that goes well, again on Tuesday. Although, at some point, therein lies the problem…my natural propensity to sprint. Once I ‘graduate’ from C25K, I’ve got to figure out what a comfortable pace is that I can hold for longer periods of time, and not just running faster in the same length of time. And then I need to start working on my mileage.




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  1. So impressive!!! Twenty-five minutes straight scares me….and I have to do it in just 2 days! *whimper*

    I’m totally with you on not knowing what to do about pacing myself. It’s so tough to tell exactly what speed you are capable of running for extended periods of time! Wednesday I ran the first 5 minute interval at 5.0 mph and thought I was rocking it. But then by the last running interval I was seriously contemplating just letting my legs stop even though it meant I would fly off of the back of the treadmill and into the staircase. I totally crashed and burned.

    Tonight I’m hoping to start slow and build speed if I feel capable of doing so. You seem to have the right idea!

    • I was terrified, but I am now finding the straight runs easier than the starting and stopping. In fact, my problem now is finding things to keep me interested in staying on the treadmill for that long. I think running outside soon will help with that part. Though, I do recommend starting out slower and moving the pace up as you go…it seems backwards, but also ensures that I make it through the entire run. (And I know exactly what you mean about wanting to just stop even though the treadmill would throw you off!!! LOL I’ve had that thought several times through this program.) You can do it!!

    • Haha! Yeah, he’s a wonderful guy, but sometimes he is very much “a guy”. We’re headed out to dinner tonight for some tasty food and beverages so that does make up for it. 🙂

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